Melbourne Vacation


Best Vacation Spots In Melbourne

After a long period of a stressful work routine, it is important to take a break and relax. There are a number of beautiful vocational spots that one can visit to achieve this. Melbourne is an Australian city that has earned the respect it deserves from those who have had the chance to visit it. Once you get into the city, you will not have any thought of leaving and when you do, you will wish to get back as soon as possible. There are a number of hotels and destinations that are worth checking out when you are visiting Melbourne. Melbourne airport parking is the best place for your car.

The Great Ocean Road

This road runs from the Campbell to the Port of Torquay. This is perfect for day drive as one is able to view the beauty of the wild sceneries on the way. The stunning beaches on the side of the road are worth taking photographs to keep the memories fresh on a later time. If you feel hungry during the drive, you can take a stop at the Apollo Bay hotel and enjoy their delicious meals and also take a rest. Towards the end of the road you will get to Port Campbell seaside which will be the peak of the drive.

Parks and Gardens

Melbourne has some of the great gardens that are famous worldwide for their beauty. The gardens cover an estimated 37 hectors of land. They are well maintained and give the calm and peaceful feeling of nature. The vegetation is composed of a variety of plant species that are evenly distributed around the parks and gardens. These are not only beautiful vegetation covers but also habitat for a number of wild animals. The Queen Market This is a popular tourist destination and it is commonly known as the Queen. There are clothes, jewelry, shoes and many other thing that are sold in this market. You will also be able to find various fresh fruits and vegetables. The dynamic activities of the market makes the shopping experience very exciting. The market has both wholesale and retail market but it is predominantly a retail market. The crowed is attracted to the market by the open atmosphere and the banter between the shops which is friendly. For many Melbourne residents Queen Market has become a household name because they visit it on a regular basis for their supplies.

St Kilda Beach

This is the most popular beach. It is known all over the world for its natural beauty. When hanging out on the beaches you will be able to see the clear blue waters and also hear the actual sound of the waves. You really wouldn’t wish to miss this great feeling and observation if you are visiting Melbourne any particular time. In fact this should be the first beach that one needs to visit.